Welcome to the SMASH! roadmap 

Welcome to the roadmap for the Netherlands Forum for Smart Shipping. Despite the name, this roadmap is in English. We realise that in order to accelerate smart shipping, collaboration is key. We invite everybody to use this roadmap and reach out to us so that we may work together to tackle challenges and make shipping smarter.

To give a detailed insight into the opportunities and challenges of smart shipping, we have analysed these by use cases. We understand that talking about the challenges of smart shipping in general only provides general and basic outcomes. By specifying the use case to the subsector, we can organise and prioritise the challenges. Even though some challenges are the same for all (or most) of the use cases, they don't always appear at the same time. Working by use case also gives us an opportunity to present the roadmap before it is complete. Over time we will be exploring more use cases; if you think we have missed a crucial one, please tell us.


All challenges in the use case are organised by ten development areas. If you are interested in a specific development area, please use the development area navigation.

This roadmap was prepared based on extensive input from a large network of participating experts from the sector. Without mentioning all individual contributors from the SMASH! Network by name, we would like to thank you all for your valuable contribution. This has been a true collective effort.

To improve the readability of this roadmap, no detailed literature references have been included for all those publications which support our observations. The source documents which form the basis of many findings can be accessed through the knowledge base on this website.